Community Sponsorships

Westlake is proud to support many of our local community youth sports programs. Our sponsorships entail providing much needed team jerseys and sports equipment to local youth baseball, lacrosse and hockey teams. We strongly believe that youth sports programs operate on many different levels. Certainly, it is the joy of playing the sport itself, learning new sporting skills, getting physical exercise, developing new friendships and having an organized activity that safely occupies the time of our children in a positive manner. But, there is more.Being actively involved in sports, our children will also learn the virtues of sportsmanship, cooperation, mutual respect and they will develop team building skills. These young athletes will come to understand that the real winners in sports and life are those who learn how to persevere and work with others in a positive manner – whether they win or lose the game.

We know that displaying good sportsmanship at a young age isn’t always easy but it is important. It can be tough to congratulate the opposing team after losing that important game. However, the young athletes who learn and practice good sportsmanship skills and respect for others will benefit in many ways and will likely use these newly learned skills as they continue to grow and mature.

Finally, we should not forget one of the most important aspects of youth sports. That is of course, having fun! You don’t need to be the biggest star or win every match to reap all the benefits that sports participation has to offer – new skills, new friends and new attitudes that will make an indelible mark in one’s life. It is these skills that we at Westlake look for in our current and future employees.

This is why Westlake is honoured and committed to supporting our local youth sports programs. We know that the youth of today will soon be the adults of tomorrow and we want to equip them with the best possible life skills for wherever their travels may take them.


Sam Tuff, Provincial Junior Champion, Slopestyle

Sam Tuff, Provincial Junior Champion, Slopestyle