Health, Safety & Environment

Earning our ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and CORâ„¢ certifications demonstrate that Westlake is committed to the Health, Safety and well-being of all employees and the protection of the Environment. It is the policy of the Westlake management team to ensure that all employees are provided with safe and healthy working conditions. Our employees are our most valuable resource and their safety will not be compromised. All Westlake employees and sub-contractors are required to comply with established policies and procedures which have been developed to meet or exceed legislative requirements.


We are dedicated to protecting the environment not only for our employees but also for the future generations by continuing with efforts to reduce waste and pollutants.

Safety is a shared responsibility by everyone who works at Westlake. Each employee has a personal responsibility to do their part to eliminate or reduce workplace injuries and illnesses to themselves and their co-workers. All workers take part in regular safety meetings and specific training sessions. We believe that each day is an opportunity for us to be pro-active by identifying ways to improve our business in a safe and productive manner.

Safety performance is monitored and reviewed by management on a regular basis. For customer convenience and information, Westlake is also registered with ISNetworld, PICS and ComplyWorks.

Because of the commitment of management and all employees, Westlake has an excellent safety record and is committed to constant improvement.

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